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Somata Biotech LLC, is a private medical research company that is advancing investigation into regenerative medicine through therapeutic interventions using proprietary stem cell lines, some of which the company has developed.

Somata Biotech LLC is manufacturing and distributing best-in-class ischemic-tolerant allogeneic stem cell products that support pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted by approved research institutions and accredited hospitals.

Through proprietary processes that are in patent application, we harvest the most viable cell populations and enhance them to yield larger quantities of specific cell lines that are consistent and of the highest quality possible. This process also enables our cells to migrate, adhere, signal, engraft, differentiate and safely provide more measurable and effective outcomes compared to other stem cells on the market.

Our work combines the potential of recent technological advances in genomic sequencing with regenerative therapies that will ultimately lead to better clinical outcomes. By collecting genetic information for research and clinical use it is possible to discover patterns about diseases and their causes that would otherwise remain confusing and little understood. We believe that patterns in this collected data will reveal the genetic bases of inherited diseases, infectious diseases, drug responses, degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases, cancers and many other illnesses that have personally affected nearly every person and family world-wide.

In this respect the current solution of prescribing simple medications for every patient with a disease will become incompatible with new understandings of the cause of the disease.

The company has already translated the science from clinical trials to offer leading edge therapies for the effective treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases that have not previously been considered curable. These include MS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes among other incurable diseases. It is possible to treat a host of other chronic autoimmune degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases with similar protocols.

The World Medical Association estimates over one billion people world-wide suffer with diseases that are considered to be of an autoimmune nature. Study evidence shows that biological treatments can significantly affect outcomes for these diseases over current drug therapies that have not been effective and only meant to treat symptoms. After developing several protocols with demonstrated benefits for patients that are believed to be unique in the world, the company is commercializing its products while continuing research on cell lines. We believe that benefits seen in clinical studies using these cell lines should be available at an affordable cost for every patient who chooses to have these therapies.

Somata Genesis Biotech Ltd. is our associate subsidiary operative and manages a US FDA-compliant cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago (TT).

In Trinidad, Somata Genesis Biotech Ltd. is our associate subsidiary operative and has affiliated with Southern Medical Clinic, an advanced multidisciplinary hospital facility, just blocks away from the lab where clinical research will be carried out within approved clinical studies.

In India, Somata Genesis Biotech (P) Ltd. is our associate subsidiary operative and has affiliated with LifePoint Hospital and NCORD, India’s most advanced private cellular research organization.