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Somata Biotech, LLC has developed a novel platform for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’ through development of drugs, immunological factors (e.g. cytokines), or antibodies focused on symptomatic relief and functional improvement, Somata Biotech is attacking MS the most basic level; its root cause. Recent medical evidence indicates that MS begins as a brain blood vessel disorder, which leads to progressive neurological impairment. Using the patient’s stem cells, Somata Biotech has developed and tested a method of preparing and delivering these cells to areas of the brain where blood vessels, veins, are damaged and dysfunctional. The delivered stem cells correct the defect as evidenced by the long-term results of a multi-center phase 1 trial. In 31 MS patients, many with the most severe manifestations of the disease, response to treatment as measured by functional improvement was 22% at 10 days in 90% of the patients. In most cases, subjects continued to improve over time and at two years 25% of the study population are symptom free with the remainder of the patients having significantly reduced need for medications. The Somata Biotech protocol is safe with no reported significant adverse events. The company is continuing to follow each patient and patient testimonials will be provided upon request. Somata Biotech is poised to conduct a larger phase 2 campaign.

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