Breakthroughs have already happened
Many advanced and effective therapies have already undergone rigorous human testing in other parts of the world but are not known in North America. Our investigations will reveal these breakthroughs in best-in-class therapies that are improving lives in other parts of the world.
Revolution Through Research
Somata Biotech LLC, is revolutionizing medicine by researching advanced techniques in biological based therapies. Our focus is on revealing those therapies that are safe and effective as well as research and development into the best-in-class therapies available today.
Knowledge is Power
We stay current on the latest medical discovery breakthroughs, R&D developments in cellular medicine, and Preclinical Research with updates posted on this site. Check this site daily for frequent updates.
Somata Biotech is Leading the Field
Somata Biotech is collaborating with researchers from leading research institutions to investigate and promote safe and effective adult stem cell therapy through scientifically-based translational medicine.
Patients benefit
Our database connects prospective patients with the most effective care and practice standards in emerging medical fields. Outcome based solutions are reported in ‘real time.’

Who we are

Somata Biotech is transforming the field of regenerative medicine — first through clinical developme

Labs at Somata Biotech

Scientists conduct research on Somata Biotech campuses across the U.S., India and Trinidad as part o

Clinical Research

A number of clinical trials gets conducted at Somata Biotech.

Clinical Trials

It’s your involvement that helps researchers to ultimately uncover better ways to treat, prevent, di


The Brain Initiative

Part of a Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain.